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iranians being persecuted

FOR the sake of the gospel


The election last year of self-professed moderate President Hassan Rouhani has not brought Iran's Christians any relief, according to a new United Nations report which finds the Islamic Republic's Bible believers more persecuted than ever.

The detailed report finds Iran has continued to imprison Christians for their faith and designated house churches and evangelical Christians as "threats to national security.” At least 49 Christians were among 307 religious minorities being held in Iranian jails as of January 2014, noted the UN, which also blasted the regime for its hostility to Jews, Baha’is, Zoroastrians and Dervish Muslims, the UN report stated.

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let's pray together


This is what we can pray for:

  • Peace, strength and protection over the children and parents of the Middle East who accepted to follow Christ 
  • Speak God’s word over each of your family members who do not know Christ and pray for those who are in military authority for God to bring a hedge of protection daily 

Let's pray together for our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world being persecuted today for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Challenge yourself to wake up everyday in your morning devotion with God and ask for divine protection, strength and peace towards the hearts of the people today in the Middle East.

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would you stand in the gap?


What does God's word say?

  • There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ 
  • No weapon formed against God's people shall prosper 
  • Every tongue that rises against us, God will condemn 
  • If God before us, who dares to stand against us
  • Every knee shall bow; every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Christ and he is Lord 

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