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our history

How We Bagan

The Miracle Center Church began as a backyard Bible study in 1980. Seventeen people attended. Nobody there thought it was going to be a church

But after a few meetings, the idea of something more permanent took hold. The group continued on in the area which is 3751 Commercial Avenue for weekly meetings, and eventually constructed a building. The church kept growing, and eventually required a larger building on the same property. Finally, the church – then known as La Obra Milagrosa – purchased property on Commercial Avenue in southside Bexar County, and built what is now TMC on what had been a field of grass and dirt. When the new building was dedicated, the congregation was named The Miracle Center Church. 

Unveiling Jesus And His Finished Work

The San Antonio campus of The Miracle Center Church also houses Little Miracles Child Development Center, a todler - Kindergarden educational institution, the operational offices of TMCTV, and RMM, Pastor Ruben Medel's worldwide internet program to watch TMC services live stream & other large ministries. The San Antonio campus is also the home of our new Recreation & Gymnasium Center.

Broadcasting The Gospel Of Grace Around The World

Today, more than 5,000 people in San Antonio, Texas will tell you The Miracle Center is their church home. At every TMC service you’ll find a family-friendly congregation of Spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ, representing every age, ethnic group and walk of life. 

We hope that sounds like the kind of place you want to be. We invite you to join us in celebrating and worshipping our awesome God!

"My ministry is all about exalting the person of Jesus 
and giving Him the central place in the Church 
by building up people on 
His eternal word one soul at a time.”
Ruben Medel