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Caring For Others is a Christlike Attribute

Don’t Do It Alone

The Pastoral Counseling Ministry has pastoral counselors available to meet with TMC Church members who are dealing with personal or family life challenges. The Pastoral Counseling Team is dedicated to providing a compassionate listening ear and sound Biblical advice.


Prayer, Care & Pastoral Counseling

If you need prayer, please don't hesitate to contact our prayer center by phone: (210) 927-2802. If you would like to schedule a counseling session with any of our appointed ministers of TMC, please contact our executive offices at (210) 927-9196 to set up an appointment. Please keep in mind, Pastor Medel no longer counsels. He has appointed his set of ministers to handle any counseling situation.



If you would like to book your wedding here at TMC, please contact our executive offices at (210) 927-9196. The office will surely answer any questions you may have.



FUNERAL & memorial services

The Funeral Ministry offers compassion and assistance to bereaved families at their request by:

Providing a minister to officiate at the service

Offering suggestions for the order of service; and

Offering help and guidance through a grief recovery support group, for family members seeking understanding about the grief process.

Please contact our offices at (210) 927-9196 to begin the process.


Hospital Care

The Hospital Ministry is committed to ministering the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Our dedicated volunteers bring encouragement, prayers of faith, and the healing touch of Christ to those who are hospitalized.

If you would like a family member or a friend to be visited, please contact our offices at (210) 927-9196.